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Reshape your body with the Cryo T-Shock from Pagani

One of Europes favorite treatments. Frequent Cryotherapy tightens the skin and prevents wrinkles. This treatment uses heat and cold to induce lipolysis to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues. Call Escova Salon today to start creating the new body you want to see in the mirror. 248-647-1111

Bye, Bye turkey neck...

Three weeks, twice a week. Look what the Cryo T-Shock Anti-aging facial and Double Chin treatment can do for you. The Cryo T-Shock uses heat and cold to tighten the skin, plump up lines and wrinkles and stimulating collagen at a deeper level. Contact Escova Salon today, to tighten your neck, contour your face and smooth out lines and wrinkles. With no pain, or downtime. Enhance your treatment further by having an Intraceuticals oxygen infusion treatment right after your Cryo T-Shock treatment to really boost skin hydration while improving skin radiance and glow!

The new Holiday Kits from Intraceuticals and Revitalash Cosmetics will be arriving soon!

Be sure to register your email with JmBeauty5.com to receive notifications when the new Holiday Kits from Revitalash Cosmetics and Intraceuticals are available for purchase! Intraceuticals has out done themselves this year. Amazing value on the new Holiday Collections. You'll want several different collections to take advantage of the savings. Revitalash Cosmetics is being extra generous with a Limited Edition RevitaBrow or ReivitaLash advanced serum. Receive an extra 4 weeks of treatment for the regular price of a 5 or 6 month price! They will also have 2 new Holiday collections that have deluxe size products to enhance the different serums. Its going to be a great beauty holiday season! Ev

Cryo T-Shock Consent forms

Now available in my online store is the Cryo T-Shock consent and post care forms. The consent form must be signed at the time of purchase for any and all Cryo T-Shock treatments. Please read it over and contact me via email or call Escova Salon if you have any more questions about any of the treatments. The post care sheet explains how to get the most effective results from any fat freeze or cellulite treatments. Please be aware this is a joint effort. If you decide not to follow the post care directions or drastically change your diet while having the treatments performed or after you have had your 6 treatments, this can change your out come. Its very important to do the 45 minutes of exerc

Are you ready to be frozen?

Lift that double chin, tighten that turkey neck, smooth out lines and wrinkles. And remove fat from anywhere on the body all with the Cryo T-Shock. See maximum results in 6 treatments. No pain, no downtime. Enhance any Cryo T-Shock treatment with the Intraceuticals Oxygen infusion treatments. The Cryo T-Shock focuses on tightening and lifting the skin. While bringing back the contours of the face. Intraceuticals focuses on deep hydration, smoothing out lines and wrinkles and giving a radiant glow. Call Escova Salon today to get the red carpet treatment! 248-647-1111

The Cryo T-Shock keeps Vanessa Willams looking her best

Vanessa Williams knows how to look her best everyday. And her key to looking amazing is the Cryo T-Shock. The Cryo T-Shock uses heat and cold to boost collagen production in your skin. It will plump up your face, tighten that turkey neck, and freeze fat anywhere on your body. The Cryo T-Shock is painless with no down time. It feels like a warm and cold stone massage. It's the perfect treatment to pair with the Intraceuticals Oxygen infusion treatment. Tighten your skin with the Cryo T-Shock, while deeply hydrating and plumping up your skin with the Intraceuticals Oxygen infusion treatment. Call Escova Salon today to look your ultimate best. 248-891-3576

Look great from head to toe with the Cryo T-Shock

Now reshape your body with the Cryo T-Shock face and body treatments. The Cryo T-Shock and reduce body fat, slim thighs, firm up flabby arms and reduce your double chin. With no pain or down time. This treatment uses heat and cold to stimulate collagen at the deeper levels of the skin to tighten it up. It can also drop the temperature down lower from 0 to -6 below celsius to permanently freeze fat and turn it to liquid. This the perfect treatment to attack stubborn body areas that can't be reduced with diet alone. Its also a great treatment to add more definition to areas that are already slim but want to see those abs "pop" more. The face and neck treatment will progressively tighten the sk

Tighten your face and neck in 3 weeks

Tighten your face, neck and jowl area instantly with the Cryo T-Shock Anti-aging facial and Double Chin treatment. See your skin progressively get tighter and firmer over a 3 week period. Just when you thought all hope was lost, the Cryo T-Shock can instantly change your life. This treatment uses heat and cold to stimulate collagen deep in the skin to tighten saggy skin, smooth out wrinkles and stimulate collagen at the deeper layers of your skin. The treatment takes 1 hour to perform with no down time or pain. You must commit to coming in twice a week for 3 weeks. This is how we stimulate the collagen in the skin and get it functioning again. Once you achieve your results, then maintain the

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


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