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Are you ready to lose 63%?

Using Atoxelene daily serum twice a day can reduce deep lines and wrinkles in your skin up to 63% within 30 days of use.

Atoxelene contains Acetyl Octpeptide-3 and low weight hyaluronic acid that reduces the depth of wrinkles and binds hydration deep into the skin layers.

This is one of my favorite serums from Intraceuticals. I use this daily over my whole face. Atoxelene has helped prevent me from having to use botox and keep my skin glowing.

If you're not ready for the needle, then Atoxelene is a fantastic alternative to using Botox to reduce your wrinkles.

For even better results I would recommend having Atoxelene infusion treatments, once a week for 6 weeks to see a more dramatic improvement in your lines and wrinkles. This allows the Atoxelene to penetrate deeper into the skin and work from the inside.

You can layer the Atoxelene infusion with any other Intraceuticals infusion treatment or have the Atoxelene added to your favorite infusion for a "booster" shot to your infusion making the application quicker.

Make an appointment at Escova Salon for an Atoxelene infusion treatment or check out my online store to purchase the Atoxelene daily serum and start seeing a 63% reduction in your wrinkles. 248-647-1111

Atoxelene Daily Serum stats

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