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You acne prescription

You new acne prescription. Combat congested pore, redness, dryness and dehydration with Clarity from Intraceuticals and Carboxy treatments. Combined these two unique treatments to help control, calm and soothe skin from acne breakouts. Contact Escova Salon to discover how these treatments can benefit you.

The perfect serum

The first step to any essential skincare routine is the serum. Intraceuticals has several unique serums to start your skin off on the right track. These serums can reduce wrinkles, increase hydration, and even fade hyperpigmentation. Head over to my online store to pick up any of these serums for yourself. Add any of these serums to your existing skincare routine. Or purchase the 3 Step Layering kit for the ultimate skincare experience.


Reshape and sculpt your body with the Cryo T-Shock. The Cryo T-Shock uses heat and cold to melt fat, smooth cellulite, tighten skin and lift a double chin. This treatment is painless and has no down time. Have a treatment done, and right back to your day to day errands. See significant results after 6 treatments. Call Escova Salon to try out this amazing treatment. 248-647-1111

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


387 S Old Woodward Birmingham, MI 48009

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