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It all started with Madonna & Gina Brooke

About 7 years ago I was intrigued to find out who does Madonnas makeup. Madonna over the years and still to this day has always looked amazing. Her skin is perfection. For a woman that is now 61, the quality of her skin is impeccable. Though every age Madonna has been, she's always looked her best.

That got me wondering who is responsible for her flawless complexion and what types of makeup products does Madonna use to keep herself looking so young over all these years? Thats when I decided to Google "Madonna Makeup Artist". When I checked out all the different links to that search, I stumbled upon a Youtube video that had Gina Brooke talking about a skincare system that she uses on Madonna as well as other celebrities that she does makeup for.

She was showing and talking about a skincare system called Intraceuticals. When I saw the machine she was using to do the treatments, I remember a couple years before seeing an article in Allure magazine about a mysterious machine Madonna was traveling with that performed special skin treatments on her skin to keep her looking her ultimate best while she was on the Confessions Tour.

Thats when I put two and two together and realized this is what the mysterious machine does and how amazing it makes everyone look. At the time when I saw this video, I was working at another salon. The current salon I was at had no interest in bringing in a new skincare line so I put the Intraceuticals skincare on the back burner of my brain until I could figure out the right time to be able to offer to my clients down the road.

Two years later I moved to a new salon. Its here at Escova Salon where they gave me full control to bring in any skincare line I wanted to use. So I immediately called Intraceuticals and started asking about the treatments and how the whole system worked. The rep from the company asked me if I ever had a treatment done on myself and I said, "No. but if Madonna is using this, I want it! Her skin is impeccable!"

The rep from Intraceuticals was nice enough to come from Chicago to give me a first hand experience of what the treatment does and how its performed. Once she was done with my treatment, I looked in the mirror and was instantly sold! In over 20 years of being in the beauty industry I've never seen a skin treatment radically change my skin so quickly. I immediately had to have this for my clients!

Now 5 years later Intraceuticals has dramatically enhanced, improved and offered instant glowing results on a majority of my clients. Every time a client has just one treatment, they are instantly hooked. Ive had several clients get up from their chair and stare at their faces in aww over how much it dramatically improved their appearance. When clients of mine that are regular users of the Intraceuticals system, they get asked by friends, family, and plastic surgeons what have they done to their skin? And why does it look so amazing and constantly glowing. Even accusing them of having a peel or "work" done. And they all reply back "It's Intraceuticals"! And thats when their friends and family come in to see me to look just as great.

I purchased my first Intraceuticals machine 5 years ago. And today im excited to share with all of you my brand new Intraceuticals machine! It's smaller, sleeker, and digital. I always like to keep all the equipment, makeup and tools I use up to date and as current as possible. I cant believe its 5 years i've been offering Intraceuticals to my clients. Its the best thing ive ever added to my list of services. Intraceuticals allows me to give my clients the best skin with, or without makeup on.

If you have never had a treatment before, nows a great time to book an appointment and try it out on my new machine! I guarantee you will love the results. Escova Salon 248-647-1111

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


387 S Old Woodward Birmingham, MI 48009

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