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Cryo T-Shock Consent forms

Now available in my online store is the Cryo T-Shock consent and post care forms. The consent form must be signed at the time of purchase for any and all Cryo T-Shock treatments. Please read it over and contact me via email or call Escova Salon if you have any more questions about any of the treatments.

The post care sheet explains how to get the most effective results from any fat freeze or cellulite treatments. Please be aware this is a joint effort. If you decide not to follow the post care directions or drastically change your diet while having the treatments performed or after you have had your 6 treatments, this can change your out come.

Its very important to do the 45 minutes of exercise after any fat freeze and cellulite treatment. This helps flush out all the body fat that we have "liquified" during your treatment and will give you the best results. If you dont want to work out after having a fat freeze or cellulite treatment, then you can always add a Lymphatic Drainage package to any fat freeze or cellulite treatment to maximize your results and skip the work out after.

Though working out is the best way to flush out toxins and give you the best results, I know that people are busy and this offers you another way to get a great result.

PLEASE NOTE, I had to charge $0.01 for the forms so that you can download them. Use the COUPON CODE CRYOFREE for the Consent form. And COUPON CODE CRYOFREE2 for the post care form. This will ZERO out the cost and be completely free to you. No credit card needed. The online store would not let me off the download as a free option. So the coupon codes remove the 1 cent charge.

Thank you for interest in the Cryo T-Shock and I look forward to working with you to achieve your beauty goals!

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