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It all started with Madonna & Gina Brooke

About 7 years ago I was intrigued to find out who does Madonnas makeup. Madonna over the years and still to this day has always looked amazing. Her skin is perfection. For a woman that is now 61, the quality of her skin is impeccable. Though every age Madonna has been, she's always looked her best. That got me wondering who is responsible for her flawless complexion and what types of makeup products does Madonna use to keep herself looking so young over all these years? Thats when I decided to Google "Madonna Makeup Artist". When I checked out all the different links to that search, I stumbled upon a Youtube video that had Gina Brooke talking about a skincare system that she uses on Madonna

New Holiday gift sets from Intraceuticals & RevitaLash Cosmetics available in my online store!

The holidays are officially here! Intraceuticals and RevitaLash Cosmetics have out done themselves with gift sets that offer amazing value for a special price. Check out some of the various gifts sets below and find them all in my online store. Be sure to join my mailing list to stay in the loop of all the great things going on with these 2 skincare companies. And to be informed when I offer sales to all my JmBeauty5 email followers. Happy Shopping!

Ready to look younger instantly?

Check out what Intraceuticals is doing behind the scenes of movies, photo shoots and red carpet events. The Intraceuticals oxygen infusion treatment can instantly revive your skin and give you a more youthful look with no pain and no down time. It uses low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E, green tea and aloe to instantly plump up the skin and deeply hydrate it. Studio Director Lord Gavin-McLeod works with many celebrities to prep their skin to look its ultimate best on red carpet events and movie sets. Check out the video below to see his secrets on creating great skin on all his famous faces. Make and appointment at Escova Salon and let me show you how amazing your skin ca

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


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