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Add some drama to your lashes this season with Red mascara from Chanel

Just picked up the new Deep Eros mascara from Chanel. The color is quite beautiful. It adds depth and dimension to your eyes. This particular color looks so great on people with hazel eyes. It's a great addition to the Blurry Mauves eyeshadow pallet.

Chanel launched a Blurry Eyes collection. Four new quads that are matte shades with a sheer finish. These four new quads all have eyeliners and mascara to create a monochromatic effect on your eye.

I have purchased 3 of the 4 quads. Blurry Mauves, Blurry Grey, and Blurry Green. I have used all 3 and I defiantly like the colors and tones. Very easy to blend and look complimentary on many different people.

Each quad has a matching eyeliner and mascara to compliment it. Ive always been a fan of colored mascara, and when I saw this red color I was excited to try it. I have the Eros eyeliner from Chanel and its a beautiful color to line the eyes with. It's especially unique on the inside water line in the eye.

Pop on over to a Chanel counter near you and check out all these new colors for yourself.

Deep Eros Chanel Mascara

Blurry Eyes Mauve and Grey pallets from Chanel

Blurry Greens and Multi-tone bronzers from Chanel

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