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There is a new BOY in town, and his name is Chanel

Chanel has just launched their new cosmetics line for men called Boy De Chanel. Three new products Foundation, lip balm and a brow pencil. I have to say the dark navy blue packaging for this collection is very beautiful. It gives a masculine feel to the products, without compromising the Chanel style .

I purchased the foundation and the lip balm. I have to say Chanel did a fantastic job at the formulation for the foundation. It goes on feather light and sets up to a semi matte finish. After wearing the foundation for a while, it meshes with your skin Giving you an evened out skin tone without looking like you have makeup on.

I have been testing this formula on my clients to see how they like the finish and coverage. So far they seem to like it. If I get enough positive feed back from the foundation, I will add more colors to my makeup kit.

My clients love glowing, dewy skin. So my only concern is if they will like a more semi matte finish.

The lip balm was the second product I picked up. And its a great lip balm in a sleek fabulous case. The lip balm its self has a low shine. It's not as glossy as the rouge Coco lip balm. Im still currently trying out the lip balm to see if its worth the $38. So far I like it, but i'm not overly impressed by it.

The only thing I did not buy is the brow pencil. I personally don't like the new brow pencils that a lot of makeup companies are doing now. They have the slanted pencil lead in a roll up tube. I find that this type of eyebrow pencil is more waxy and a bit harder to use. Once this collection comes out to counter in January, I will try out the pencil there to see what the formula is like.

This mens makeup line from Chanel is fun and unique. I personally don't wear any makeup and focus all my efforts in using great skincare such as Intraceuticals to keep my skin looking its best everyday.

But if your guy and want to use something thats quick and easy, these products are for you. Or if your a woman looking for a great new foundation with a semi matte finish, this might be your new boy friend!

Head over to Chanel.com to check out the new Boy De Chanel line. Or look better without makeup and begin your skincare journey with Intraceuticals found in my online store.

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


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