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Let RevitaBrow rescue your brows

Thin brows were all the rage in the 90s. Today everyone wants thicker fuller eyebrows. As we age our eyebrows can start to thin out, have gaps, and loose whole areas completely.

Revitabrow is designed with a BioPeptide complex made up of peptides, biotin, lipids and green tea extract. This complex helps strengthen and soften eyebrows while defending against breakage.

This complex encourages hair grow in slower functioning follicles. This product will not stimulate any follicle that isn't currently producing hair. Its main function is to condition and strengthen existing functioning follicles and enhancing them buy giving the follicle an array of vitamins to encourage healthier fuller hair growth.

So now that you're treating your brows with Revitabrow serum, you need to fix the bald spots you have now. Thats where the Hi-Def tinted brow gel comes into the rescue. This brow gel helps tame those unruly brows in place while tinting the brow hair with a bit of color to give a fuller look to your brows. Just brush in the color and your off and running. It's a great compliment to make your brows look fuller instantly.

Head on over to my online store and pick up these amazing products to make your brows better everyday.

Don't forget to grab the Revitalash tweezers to get rid of any unwanted brows!

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


387 S Old Woodward Birmingham, MI 48009

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