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An old idea, with a new twist

I recently picked up 2 of the new Eyeshadow khol liners from Chanel. I got #14 Contour Graphique and #4 Electric Brown. These new pencils have a wonderful payoff of color.

They glide on to the skin without skipping. They can be blended out, or applied liberally to give maximum color. I find these to be a bit nicer than the cream eyeshadows from Chanel because its in a twist up stick. And you can use them as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow.

It makes a great eyeshadow base to use alone or layer your favorite shadow on top of. They are fast and easy to use. The only down fall, is that there is no way to sharpen the pencil back to a similar point as it starts out like when new.

They come in 7 different shades so there is something for everyone. Try a couple out for yourself.

Chanel Eyeshadow Liner Khol