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A clean makeup brush is a happy brush

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is Soooo important! As a professional makeup artist it is always important for me to keep my brushes clean.

You at home should clean your brushes with a good brush cleaner at least once a week for any brushes you use for any powder products such as eyeshadows, blush, and powder. Any brushes you use for concealer, foundation, cream blush or shadows should be cleaned daily. You wouldn't run around with not washing your hair for months on end. So don't treat your makeup brushes like that either. Besides who wants to rub bacteria all over their faces from using dirty brushes?

A great brush cleaner I like is the Dior brush cleaner. I personally like this because it really gets all the makeup out of the brushes without making the bristles wet and needing time to dry. There are many great brush cleaners on the market. Japonesque also makes a great brush cleaner to cleanse, disinfect, and condition the brush. The only thing about the Dior brush cleaner I don't like is the fact it's a pump application and not a spray. So I put my Dior brush cleaner in a spray bottle so its easier to use.

I would also recommend washing your makeup brushes at least once a month with a good deep cleaning shampoo to pull out any caked in makeup stuck in the brushes. I personally like to use the Cleanse shampoo from Oribe, or the Maxi-Wash from Kevin Murphy. Both of them are deep cleaning shampoos and will clean your brushes without stripping the brush hairs and drying them out. You may even want to use a bit of conditioner to make your brushes feel like new again.

Take time today to find a great brush cleaner you like for your brushes and clean them now. Im sure they need a good bath!😃

Dior Backstage Brush Cleaner

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