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Sebastian, the company that shaped my career

Before I got into beauty school one name always captured my attention, and that was Sebastian. Sebastian haircare had the most innovative ads in every professional hair magazine in the mid eighties and on up to the 2000s.

Sebastian was a product innovator. They came out with ground breaking products such as Laminates, Shaper hair spray, Molding Mud and Shpritz Forte.

Not only did they have amazing haircare products, they also had a ground breaking makeup line called Trucco. Trucco cosmetics was one of the first cosmetic lines to create cream eyeshadows. Sebastian had the foresight to know clients were going to want skincare and cosmetics to merge as one.

The woman behind all this greatness is Geri Cusenza the owner of Sebastian. She is the woman responsible for creating the crimping iron. Her and her husband John, took their idea of the crimping iron and $5,000 and started the Sebastian company.

Geri Cusenza and her husband John

Sebastian was very aware of fashion trends and consumer needs. They came up with innovative products that has changed the hair dressing world. To this day, companies are using and mimicking Sebastians innovations of product technology.

Geri Cusenza was a huge inspiration in my beauty career. She was always 2 steps ahead of everyone else. She taught me how to listen to what clients want and how give them the tools they need to make their lives better.

To this day I still use all the information and education I received from Sebastian. Geri's voice will always echo around in my head giving me inspiration. I miss seeing and hearing her words of wisdom. Hopefully she's out there still inspiring others.

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