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How to care for you Monofibre or Prolin hair extensions.

Once you get comfortable wearing your new Monofibre or Prolin hair extensions, you'll want to take the best care of them. That they will always look their best and stay hassle free.

You can use just about any shampoo, conditioner or styling products on them. I would suggest avoiding anything with too much silicone or oils in the products to prevent the extensions from slipping out or sliding down the hair shaft. Remember Monofibre and Prolin do not use bonding agents to hold them in. So products using silicones are oils may cause the extensions to fall out sooner. Monofibre and Prolin are not porous. So there is no need to use heavy conditioning treatments on them.

Buy using the Frequent Use Shampoo, Smooth Intense Conditioner and the Daily care Mist. Your extensions will always look their best.

Frequent Use Shampoo

Frequent Use Shampoo. Is the prefect shampoo to use. it contains no heavy oils and lightly clarifies the natural hair and Monofibre.

Smooth Intense Conditioner

Smooth Intense Conditioner. Great for keeping natural hair and Monofibre soft and silky. and prevent slippage of the extensions.

Daily Care Mist

Daily Care Mist. The most important haircare product to use on Monofibre and Prolin. This products helps detangle natural and Monofibre hair. Leaving your hair smooth and shiny. Always use this product before brushing and styling your Monofibre or Prolin hair styles.

DOME Straightening Iron

The DOME Straightening Iron. If your going to use a flat iron on your Monofibre or Prolin hair, then I suggest you use this iron that DOME recommends. Its has a digital temperature setting on it so that you can be assured the iron is not overly heated and will melt the Monofibre extensions. Its suggested to keep the iron at 130 degrees. This will smooth the Monofibre or Prolin out. And keep natural hair and Monofibre shiny and smooth.

My aftercare products

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