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Dark spots? Hyper Pigmentation? Melasma? Opulence from Intraceuticals to the rescue

Opulence from Intraceuticals really packs a punch. These treatments and products are focused on lightening and brightening skin discoloration. As well as hydrating your skin with multiple weights of Hyaluronic Acid.

Opulence contains 2 very special ingredients. Nonapeptide-1 is an amino acid that reduces the production of skin pigmentation, and prevents it from becoming darker over time. It can help minimize melanin synthesis by 33% with 6 weeks of use. Rumex Occidentalis Extract is a plant extract that slows down pigmentation. This extract is very good at treating melasma. Melasma is a skin condition often found more in women than in mens skin from hormone imbalances. Rumex Occidentialis works as effective as Hydroquinone, with out any of the side effects. This extract will also reduce pigmentation by 25% after 6 weeks of use.

As with any skin condition. It requires on going maintenance. Its vital you use the Opulence skincare products twice a day to really benefit from the reduction in pigmentation. The Opulence Infusion Treatments are extremely helpful at delivering all the brightening ingredients deeper into the skin. And giving you even greater results faster. Always be sure to follow up with sunscreen daily on top of Step 3 in your skincare regimen.

I use Opulence Infusion Treatments on clients that also suffer from large pores and rosacea. This line also contains Vitamins A and C which are very helpful to soften and minimize pore size. It also helps strengthen the skin to prevent rosacea from acting up and becoming as noticeable. Some clients that suffer from adult or hormonal acne also benefit from the Opulence Infusion Treatments.

Opulence has a "magic wand" in the line. Called the Brightening Wand. This wand really helps breakdown pigmentation problems with a concentrated serum that targets those resistant dark spots. Clients swear by this product!

Book and appointment at Escova Salon and begin to see brighter, lighter and tighter skin with an Opulence Infusion Treatment. Or check out my online store to purchase any of the Opulence products to start making your skin look more luminous at home.

The Opulence line

The Opulence 6 week course kit

The infusion treatment