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Baby your a STAR

The new STAR T-Shock uses thermal shock to smooth out and reduce cellulite. The thermal shock process helps to improve drainage, reduce edema, removing fat deposits and stimulating connective tissue. The alternating warm and cold process that happens while the treatment is given provides a gentle non-evasive way to control excess cellulite that causes dimpling on the buttocks and legs.

While helping to treat cellulite, the STAR T-Shock can also firm and tighten slackened skin from aging. Depending on your cellulite condition, you may need to do a series of cellulite treatments and skin tightening treatments to get the maximum results. It's recommended to have the Lymphatic Drainage treatment performed along with every cellulite and fat reduction treatment to speed up the results and reduce water retention in those areas.

Book a consultation today and begin transforming your body today 248-220-4069

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