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The Cryo T-Shock keeps Vanessa Willams looking her best

Vanessa Williams knows how to look her best everyday. And her key to looking amazing is the Cryo T-Shock. The Cryo T-Shock uses heat and cold to boost collagen production in your skin. It will plump up your face, tighten that turkey neck, and freeze fat anywhere on your body.

The Cryo T-Shock is painless with no down time. It feels like a warm and cold stone massage. It's the perfect treatment to pair with the Intraceuticals Oxygen infusion treatment. Tighten your skin with the Cryo T-Shock, while deeply hydrating and plumping up your skin with the Intraceuticals Oxygen infusion treatment.

Call Escova Salon today to look your ultimate best.


Vanessa Williams and Cryo T-Shock