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Tighten your face and neck in 3 weeks

Tighten your face, neck and jowl area instantly with the Cryo T-Shock Anti-aging facial and Double Chin treatment. See your skin progressively get tighter and firmer over a 3 week period.

Just when you thought all hope was lost, the Cryo T-Shock can instantly change your life. This treatment uses heat and cold to stimulate collagen deep in the skin to tighten saggy skin, smooth out wrinkles and stimulate collagen at the deeper layers of your skin.

The treatment takes 1 hour to perform with no down time or pain. You must commit to coming in twice a week for 3 weeks. This is how we stimulate the collagen in the skin and get it functioning again. Once you achieve your results, then maintain the treatment once or twice a month to keep your skin looking its ultimate best.

Why use treatments and lasers that keep you hidden from the public for days or weeks at a time? When you can come in and tighten your skin in and hour and go out to that fabulous party the same day!

Contact Escova Salon to begin your new skin journey. 248-891-3576

Cryo T-Shock treatment