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Look great from head to toe with the Cryo T-Shock

Now reshape your body with the Cryo T-Shock face and body treatments. The Cryo T-Shock and reduce body fat, slim thighs, firm up flabby arms and reduce your double chin. With no pain or down time.

This treatment uses heat and cold to stimulate collagen at the deeper levels of the skin to tighten it up. It can also drop the temperature down lower from 0 to -6 below celsius to permanently freeze fat and turn it to liquid. This the perfect treatment to attack stubborn body areas that can't be reduced with diet alone. Its also a great treatment to add more definition to areas that are already slim but want to see those abs "pop" more.

The face and neck treatment will progressively tighten the skin up over a 3 week period. You must commit to coming in twice a week for 3 weeks to achieve the ultimate results.

Call Escova Salon today and see yourself in a whole new light! 248-647-1111

Cryo T-Shock treatment