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MDNA Skin, is $600 worth the price?

If you follow Madonna or are familiar with her skincare line MDNA Skin, you probably have seen her use a special tool to remove the magnetic clay mask and then flip the device over and use the handle part to infuse treatments and serums deeper into the skin.

This device is the Skin Rejuvenator. It's a specially designed tool to effectively remove the Chrome Clay Mask and infuse all the other skincare lotions and serums deeper into the skin. The infuser part has a vibrating action that senses the dehydration and thickness of your skin that will adjust the vibration patterns to more effectively drive your skincare lotions and serums deeper into your skin than just using your hands and finger tips alone.

I have always wondered how effective this device is for the price. The price of the Rejuvenator Mask Set is $600. I find it very hard to believe this "wand" can really help your skincare penetrate deeper into your skin than how I normally apply my skincare. The price alone is outrageous for something that may or may not make a difference, let alone enough of a visual difference for that price.

As you may have read on my website or seen in any of my past blogs, I frequently boast about the magic of Intraceuticals. I've been in this business for over 20 years and have never seen a skincare line make such dramatic differences in my clients skin, as well as my own. Im so happy with Intraceuticals that I don't even waste my time with other skincare lines because I know how effective and transformative the Intraceuticals infusion treatments and at home skincare products work.

I have the luxury of owning my own Intraceuticals machine so I can perform the Intraceuticals infusions any time I like at home to always keep my skin look its very best. Most people will not invest in this type of machine because the cost is too great.

So I decided to give the MDNA Skin Rejuvenator a try. I have purchased a couple other products from the MDNA Skin line. I have used the Eye Masks, Chrome Clay Mask (with the $80 magnet to remove the mask) and the Rose Mist. I will say the all the products I have purchased and used work very well. All of them give your skin a luminous glow and make your skin look and feel very hydrated. Madonna is 61 and her skin is immaculate. Madonna definitely knows how to keep her skin in top shape and regularly uses the the Intraceuticals infusion treatments and the Intraceuticals Eye Gel all over her body.

I have been using the Skin Rejuvenator for over a week and I have to say I love it. I wanted to dislike this tool because the price is so ridiculous to pay for something like this. I have been using the Skin Rejuvenator with all my Intraceuticals daily skincare products. And I have seen a difference in the skincare working even better. I've noticed my skin looked more plumped, defined and countered. What I like most is how it lifts under your eyes to give a more youthful look.

The Skin Rejuvenator works the best to take off the Chrome Clay Mask. As I said, I have the $80 mask remover and it does an ok job, but the Rejuvenator really removes the mask flawlessly. I could never figure out when id watch videos on line and watch them remove the clay mask with such ease, and id be at home trying to get all the mask off as beautifully as seen on video and having to go over areas multiple times to remove all the mask.

I also have the Beauty Roller from MDNA Skin. I like the roller but I tend not to use it often because it requires a bit more time to roll multiple areas of the face to lift and tighten it. Im sure if I used this more consistently I would like the effects this offers but I'm too lazy to incorporate the Roller into my skincare routine. But the Skin Rejuvenator is quicker and faster to use after applying your skincare routine. When pressed for time I just use it under and around my eyes to quickly revive the eye area and then move on to my other tasks for the day.

If you're someone that is on a budget and can't afford to do regular face treatments such as botox, fillers, skin peels or oxygen facials. Then this tool might be a great option for you to help improve your skin while enhancing your facial contours, firming and de-puffing under your eye area and helping your skincare serums and lotions to penetrate a bit deeper. Head over to the MDNASKIN.US and check it out for yourself.

Don't forget to check out the whole Intraceuticals skincare range offered on my website that will revive, replenish, and protect your skin. They work fabulously with the MDNA Skin Rejuvenator.

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