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Did this summer wreak havoc on your skin?

Summer is coming to an end. Time to take action and begin fixing all the damaging effects that have happened from too much sun exposure this year.

Dark unsightly sun spots, also know as hyperpigmentation is often clients number one problem area on their face. These spots are caused from too much sun exposure with little to no sun block being applied through out the day to prevent this type of problem.

One quick easy way to rid yourself of these problem "spots" is to treat them with CryoClear. CryoClear is a quick painless way to removed any dark spots on the face or body. A simple application of CryoClear will freeze the dark spot and cause the spot to turn dark, then slough off, and you will be left with pink new skin that will remodel back to your skins natural color. This process is painless and takes minutes to preform. You will see complete spot removal in 30 days or less. Its the perfect way to rid yourself of those tiresome spots that you try and cover everyday with thick concelers or camouflage creams.

Those sun damage doesn't just bring out annoying dark spots, it also causes your skin to become dull, dehydrated, enhance unwanted freckles, and make any fine lines and wrinkles appear deeper.

The best way to address all these needs is with and Opulence 6 week course kit from Intraceuticals. The Opulence line is designed to brighten, tighten, and illuminate your skin. All of the products in this collection are focused on reversing sun damage, while fading existing dark spots and preventing them from becoming darker over time.

Two unique ingredients in the Opulence line is Nonopeptide-1 and Yellow Dock. Nonopeptide-1 breaks down the dark spots and suppresses their function to keep over producing melanin. Yellow Dock actually works as a skin lighten. This plant extract works as effective as Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a prescription strength skin lighter prescribed to lighten dark spots on your skin.

Opulence also contains a special Vitamin A palmate, a powerful dose of Vitamin C and most importantly multiple weights of Hyaluronic Acid to bind hydration to the skin and prevent dehydration from happening. These ingredients fight free radical, improve skin health, simulate cell renewal and provide the best way to hydrate your skin.

You will see dramatic changes to your skin using the Opulence 6 week course kit. Once a week, for 6 weeks, you will come in for an infusion treatment that will infuse all the ingredients contained in the Opulence series deep into your skin where they can work from the inside out.

After your 6 treatments it's recommended to come back once every 3 weeks to maintain the results and to continue to prevent any new dark spots from forming.

Using CryoClear and Opulence together is the quickest, most painless way to achieve spot free skin and to regain glowing hydrated skin that will look luminous everyday without any makeup.

Book an appointment at Escova Salon today to experience either of these treatments and to reverse all the damage you have done to your skin. And if you want to get a jump start on fighting sun damage today, you can always order any of the Opulence products found in my online shop.

CryoClear and Opulence from Intraceuticals

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