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Sliver is the new blonde from Dome Monofibre

Dome Cosmetics has just launched their new silver Monofibre. Blonde hair over the paste few years have gotten more platinum and silver in tone. It's great to see the Dome Monofibre is keeping on track with this current trend.

Monofibre is a damage free way to wear hair extensions without the use of glues, sewing or metal clamps to anchor the extensions to your natural hair. Just a simple heat seal is all your need to be able to wear your extensions for up to 3 months.

Not only is Monofibre great for adding length and volume to natural hair, its a perfect way to add color to your hair without using chemicals. Just apply various shades of Monofibre or Prolin for a few weeks or months, and simply remove when you're done wearing that look. It's that simple.

Dome Monofibre hair extensions in the new sliver blonde shade

The new Dome Monofibre sliver hair as well as white, dark blonde and a blonde mix

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