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Paint the rainbow

As time goes on as a makeup artist you find yourself constantly looking for new colors, textures and products for address your clients needs. One thing i realized i needed to update in my makeup collection was the creative side of makeup color choices.

So hello Makeup Forever! I have been using Makeup Forever since 1997. Ive always felt they had the best pigment in creative eyeshadow colors. True red, orange, pink, blue, green, etc. All your classic basic primary colors with full pigment pay off. It was perfect for the days when i would use these types of colors to do my friends up in drag for several of their shows they would perform around the Detroit area.

Working in Birmingham my clients love for their makeup to look clean, polished and perfected. They are not looking to look like they are on "stage" or trying to be over the top for any of their occasions. So the colors i pick and choose reflect whats current in all the seasons fashions of what my clients will be wearing. Thats the main reason I use so much Chanel makeup especially Chanel eyeshadows.

Chanel is always on target for what ever the current trend in makeup is going to be from season to season. Highlighting my clients best features and always making them look their ultimate best.

Though from time to time I have clients that want to push the envelope and stand out from the crowd. After accessing my makeup collection I needed to bring in various bright pigmented colors to accommodate my clients needs for a "pop" of bright colors. And of course I turned to Makeup Forever. I purchased about 20 new vivid colors to cover a different client needs. Check out my photo below to see all the new colors I added to my collection.

Makeup Forever eyeshadows

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