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ReTouch serums from Intraceuticals is like having a face lift in a bottle!

I have been currently using all the new ReTouch serums from Intraceuticals and I have to say I'm extremely impressed! My skin is even more hydrated and looks firmer and smoother than it did before.

Most people will not use all 5 serums, but I have to say i'm addicted to using them all in various ways on my face. My personal favorites are EYES and LIFT. Those both have been a great benefit to my Intraceuticals layering application everyday. I usually try to do an Intraceuticals Oxygen infusion facial weekly, and now that I've been using all the ReTouch serums I don't feel the need to do a treatment as often and my skin looks just a firm and hydrated like I did a treatment!

The great thing about ReTouch is the ability to add these serums to any current skincare system you're using at home now. Just be sure to apply the ReTouch serum of your choice first, then apply any other skincare treatments on top of the ReTouch.

Head on over to my online shop and pick up the complete ReTouch serum into kit. It's a great way to start with the serums and experience the uniqueness of each one. Or if you have a specific skincare need, pick the one that will help you target and correct your issue. Look your beautiful in 5 minutes!

ReTouch from Intraceuticals