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Sheer and natural are the colors for summer from Chanel

This summer Chanel has launched a collection of sheer and natural colors.

Easy, breezy is the way to approach your makeup routine this summer.

I purchased 2 key items for this summer season.

First is the eyeshadow pallet Les Indispensables. and second is the Water-Fresh Tint foundation. Both of these give a wonderful sheer glow of color to your face.

The eyeshadow pallet has 9 great colors, with a range of sheer browns, bronze and a splash of sliver to illuminate your eyes. All of the shades blend effortlessly together. If you're not good at blending or wearing eyeshadow regularly, then you will enjoy this pallet. Its basically mistake proof. There isn't a color in the pallet that you wouldn't wear. And you can layer them to create multiple looks.

The real star of this collection is the Water-Fresh Tints. I was very skeptical of this product. But once you work with it, you will fall in love with how sheer and balanced your skin will look! An absolutely beautiful finish. If you have ever been searching for a foundation that's truly a tint or tone of color, this is it.

I would highly recommend giving this foundation a try for summer. I have the Chanel tinted foundation from last year that is a great product as well, but this is even more sheer with a beautiful glow.

Pop on over to and check out these new products for yourself. And to really keep your skin glowing all year long, id recommend picking up the 3 Step Layering kit from Intraceuticals in my online store to wear under all your Chanel makeup. Hydrated skin is the perfect canvas for great makeup.

Chanel summer colors 2019

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