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Pierres De Lumiere by Chanel

I recently received one of the new eyeshadow quads called Luenurs Ambers from Chanel. Its a beautiful soft eyeshadow pallet of some amber and pale gold tones. Defiantly colors that will look great on everyone.

I like the luminosity of these shades. They will blend effortlessly into the skin. From what I can tell this collection is and extension of Chanels spring makeup collection.

Pierres De Lumiere is inspired by precious stones and their transparency of reflecting light. I have currently only purchased one of the 2 eyeshadow palettes from this collection.

They also have a new face highlighter, blush, lipsticks, and nail polishes. I have not purchased the new face highlighter or blush, and will wait to see them in person when they arrive to Chanel counters sometime this month.

Check out this new collection for yourself and see if these new colors are right for you.

Chanel Luenurs Ambers

Chanel Pierres De Lumiere