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Look great in 15 minutes with Intraceuticals

Look great in 15 minutes with Intraceuticals

These 4 steps are what I use anytime I need to look refreshed instantly.

I cleanse my eye area with the Micellar Water Lash Wash from Revitalash Cosmetics. Then apply the Rejuvenate Eye Masks to my under eye area for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes I massage the excess serum from the eye masks into my eye area. Then apply the Antioxidant booster to reduce dark circles and puffiness under my eyes and spread the rest out over my face.

Next, apply the Rejuvenate Eye gel on top of the Antioxidant Booster serum to layer more hydration under my eyes and spread the excess gel out across my face.

As a final step, I Mist the Rose Revival face mist across all my face as an instant pick me up. And out the door I go looking glowing and refreshed.

You can find all these items to purchase in my online store. These products are perfect for someone who needs products to work quickly and effectively.

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