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Spring colors are here from Chanel 2019

The new spring colors from Chanel this season are beautiful. It's a great mix of textures and colors.

There are 9 colors in this spring pallet. I found it surprising to find red and blue colors together in one pallet. Im glad to see that the color red is still a popular color in eyeshadow. I find red to be one of the more unique colors to wear on your eyes. Red eyeshadow looks amazing on anyone with green or hazel eyes. Literally makes your green eyes look electric!

Iv'e currently been working with this pallet on a variety of clients. It came in very handy to get clients ready for the charity event at the Motor City Auto Show. I was able to use this one pallet to do various looks. I personally like this 9 color spring pallet this year than last years 9 color spring pallet.

If you're looking to update your makeup and try some new colors in your daily makeup routine, then pick up this pallet and see how beautiful these colors can look on you.

Chanel spring colors 2019

Chanel spring makeup 2019

Chanel spring makeup 2019

Chanel spring makeup 2019