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Color your hair without chemicals

Ever want to play with your hair color but don't want to commit to the color or damage associated with the chemical changes? Then Prolin hair enhancers would be the perfect option for you.

Pronlin hair extensions from DOME is a unique synthetic hair that resembles natural hair with a 1/3 less weight than human hair extensions.

Prolin is applied using a 3 stem braid to your natural hair and then heat sealed with the C2 to anchor in the new hair enhancement.

Prolin hair enhancers can we washed and worn daily for up to 3 months. Prolin comes in 40 shades to choose from to create limitless looks and color options for anyones hair.

Because of the unique structure of Prolin, you should never use a curling iron to curl your Prolin extensions. Its recommended to use hot rollers any time you're looking to add curl to your hair. The great thing about Prolin is it will hold the curl until you blow your hair out straight again using a warm blow dryer or the special flat iron with controlled heat to prevent melting your Prolin enhancers.

To keep your Prolin hair enhancers in perfect condition, be sure to use the Daily Care Mist everyday to detangle and smooth out your Prolin hair enhancers. And when washing your hair I would recommend to use the Frequent Wash shampoo and Smooth Intense conditioner. These products are designed to keep your Prolin looking great all the time as well as prevent any Prolin enhancers from sliding out of your natural hair.

Check out the video on my website to see Prloin and Monofibre hair extensions in action!

Step 1 - start with a 3 stem braid

Step 2 - wrap the some of the Prolin around the braid

Step 3 - apply the C2 to the braid to fuse the Prolin and anchor it to your natural hair

Step 4 - Completed Prolin enhancers

Step 5 - The finished look. Another happy client with Prolin enhancers

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