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The Pat McGrath eye pencils

Ive always enjoyed using Pat Mcgraths eyeshadow pallets. And now I'm trying out her Perma eyeliners. Ive been using Charolette Tilbury and Makeup Forever eye pencils for quite awhile and have always liked them.

Pats pencils are so nice and smooth and creamy. The colors are great, I purchased all 5 colors. Im interested in seeing how Pats pencils will hold up for my clients that I do makeup on. The thing I like about Charolette Tilbury and Makeup Forever is that they stay put and don't bleed or move once they set up on the skin. Im expecting the same results from Pats.

When I was experimenting with Pats pencils at Sephora, I had a very hard time getting them off my hand. That led me to believe these pencils had some staying power.

I will keep you posted on how Pats pencils compare to Charolette Tilbury and Makeup Forever. If your near a Sephora take some time to check out her pencils and see how you like them for yourself.

Pat McGrath Perma eye gel pencils

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