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The magic of Monofibre...

A friend/hairstylist of mine had posted a couple old pictures on Facebook of when we entered a hair competition at a bar in the late 90s. We won of course, because we did a hairstyle made of Monofibre.

We used 2 techniques one called "Hair Balls" and the other named "Rat Tails" utilizing Dome Monofibre hair extensions. The unique thing about Monofibre is that its 1/3 weight than human hair extensions, uses no glues or bonding agents, and doesn't damage your natural hair. The Monofibre is attached to the natural hair using a special tool called the C2. This creates a heat seal and prevents the Monofibre from coming out.

The "Hair Balls" and "Rat Tails" techniques can be washed and worn for a period of months. And when tired of the look, just break the heat seals of where the Monofibre is anchored. And remove the extension.

If you prefer a more classic look, then you can adapt the Monofibre to suit your daily needs. Monofibre offers the luxury of hair extensions without the damage to your natural hair.

Maybe your ready for Monofibre hair extensions?

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


387 S Old Woodward Birmingham, MI 48009

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