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Lashify...the most natural looking false lash you'll ever wear

Being in the beauty industry for over 20 years, I have seen a lot of products and services over that time.

Ive used lots of different kind of eyelashes from multiple companies. Everyone always starts out with strip lashes because they offer you the biggest bang for minimal effort. In my opinion, Ive always felt that strip lashes are best for stage and fantasy looks. They are always way too long in lash length, and make everyone wearing strip lashes look like they are ready to be on a stage.

I personally feel false lashes should enhance your eyes and make your eyes look more open and alive. Not to take over your makeup and have you only looking at your lashes.

My clients like to look refined and polished and not look like show girls ready to work a stage. So with that in mind I have been using the trio lashes from Kiss lash. These small individual lashes offer my clients a more natural effect, and didn't make them feel like their eyelashes were too "showy".

But now I have discovered the amazing Lashify! These lashes look sooooo natural! The quality of these lashes are the best i've seen on the market. They are so thin and easy to apply, and make your eyes look truly beautiful. Lashify is the perfect hybrid of false lashes and lash extensions without all of the time involved. They are incredible!

They have 3 different "effects" A for Amplify, B for Bold and C for Curl. As well as 4 different lash lengths in each of the 3 categories. they are perfect for a client that wants a minimal natural effect or for the more daring and bolder person wanting their lashes to be a "show stopper".

The unique thing about these lashes is that you bond the lashes from underneath your lashes instead of on top. This gives you a seamless look and is almost impossible for someone to even know you have false lashes on.

The whisper light glue is fantastic. It's so light weight, yet strong. It can hold the lashes on for at least 3 days. But to go the extra distance I add the Night bond glue along with it, so the lashes can be worn all week.

When your done wearing your Lahsify lashes, simply use an oil based eye makeup remover to take the lashes off, and your back to your normal lashes. Lashify sells Melt Away lash remover that is perfect for taking their lashes off.

If you're looking to have great lashes without looking over done, Lashify is your answer. Come into Escova Salon and have a set put on and see for yourself how great your lashes can look for your next event. 248-647-1111

Lashify Gossimers

Lashify Fuse Control Wand

Lashify Lashes

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