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Mother has arrived...the new Pat McGrath eyeshadow pallet and Dior liquid eyeliners

Pat McGrath Labs has released the new Mothership V: Bronze Seduction. This is a truly beautiful color pallet. Right now I'm obessed with red eyeshadow. This collection is very unique and so on point.

Red eyeshadows have been slowly building up in popularity. Chanel did it years ago in the 90s with a red and black eyeshadow and a clear gloss to put on top of the shadows to give a "wet" or "paten leather" effect to the lid.

Now red is all over the place. Dior just launched new eyeliners in red and rust. I purchased these 2 liners from Dior to coordinate with the new Pallet from Pat McGrath. I felt like the red and rust liners would really emphasize the beautiful colors that Pat has released.

If you looking for something unique to add to your makeup, try red. I think you'll be surprised how great it looks.

You can always make an appointment for a makeup lesson with me at Escova Salon, and ill show you how to add red to your everyday makeup.

Escova Salon 248-647-1111

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


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