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The best way to start your day...Cleanse & Prep

Cleansing and prepping the skin is the cornerstone of every great skincare routine. Cleansing is essential to removing every last trace of dirt, make-up, dead skin cells, pollutant or toxic chemicals that prevent the skin from regenerating.

Cleansing helps remove these elements, but also assists with maximizing product absorption of the Intraceuticals Intralayering Steps before applying makeup.

Follow up your cleanse with a great exfoliator to really rid of excess build-up, leaving your complexion silky and smooth.

Take a look at The great cleansers Intraceuticals has to offer. Pick one or 2 to use to find the perfect balance for your skin.

All of these cleansers can be found in my online store and at Escova Salon.

Cleanse and Prep

Intraceuticals Gentle Cleanser

Intraceuticals Cleansing Gel

Opulence Brightening Cleanser

Clarity Cleanser

Rejuvenate Enzyme Exfoliant