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Lashify = instant lashes

I just used the new Lashify lashes on a co-worker today. And I have to say they look amazing. Not only did I think they look great, but so did my co-worker Taylor.

Taylor was surprised how natural they looked and comfortable to wear. These lashes definitely take some practice to put on someone else. But with a bit of tweaking and figuring out the best way to use them, they turned out great.

Down below is a before and after to show how beautiful and seamless the lashes look. I also added some mascara to the look because Taylors eyelashes are naturally blonde. If you already have dark lashes, then you most likely won't need to apply mascara if needed.

If you'er looking for the most natural false lashes, then look no further than Lashify. Come into Escova Salon and have a pair applied for a special event. Or even just wear around town to look fabulous! 248-647-1111

Before Lashify lashes

After with Lashify lashes applied (mascara was used to blend her blonde lashes) A14'S

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