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Lashify is here!

I have been a makeup artist for several years. And one thing that always makes makeup look its best is eye lashes!

For years I've used several different kinds of strip lashes. The problem with strip lashes is that they are something you have to manipulate to get the best results. You have to size them to the clients eye by cutting them, bending the lash band so it wraps to the clients eye, and making sure you use enough glue so they don't pop off on either end of the strip.

Ive never found a strip lash that I thought looked natural and were easy to apply. So several years ago I stopped using strip lashes unless a client wanted them. I found that using the lash trios from Kiss lash was the perfect answer. They gave a "Latese" effect to my clients lashes without looking fake.

Now I have found the perfect lash...Lashify! These lashes give you the perfect false lash that looks completely natural, people will think you have been using Latese or had lash extensions done. These lashes are bonded underneath your natural lashes to give you the perfect seamless lash. No one will be able to tell your wearing these lashes. They come in multiple lengths and densities. There is something for everyone. Im very excited to add this service to my clients who expect the best and want services that are quick and effective.

Please be note, these lashes are for a temporary wear. They can last for up to 24 hours. Though, coming soon there will be a new glue that will allow you to wear the lashes for up to a week. So for now these lashes are perfect for a special occasion. Not for extended wear.

Call Escova Salon today and have a pair of Lashify lashes applied for your next big event. Or have lashes added to your lashes just for fun! 248-647-1111

Lashify lashes

Lashify lashes

Mascara Is Dead - Lashify

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