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Keeping up with Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld never rests. He's always inventing or designing something new either for his own fashion line, or for Chanel or Fendi.

This summer Karl Lagerfeld has released a small makeup collection available at Nordstroms. Normally I don't pay much attention to novelty makeup, but I always enjoy what Karl Lagerfeld does.

This collection is just basic and fun. The thing I like most is the packaging. Its very silly because it's actually Karls head on top of the glosses, lip balms and brushes. I picked up his lip balm and one of his lipglosses in Pink Diamonds. They are both nice, but nothing you'd need to run out to buy. It's really just fun to own for the packaging. These two products don't do anything more special than any other gloss or lip balm.

There are other pieces to the collection such as eyeshadow pallets, eye liners, brushes and liquid lip sticks. If you looking for fun packaging and a nice quality product, then you'd enjoy the novelty of this collection.

Stop over to Nordstroms to check out the whole collection and pick out a few fun things to enjoy for yourself.

Karl Lagerfeld lip balm. And lipgloss in Pink Diamond

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