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Become your own artist with Makeup Forever's Artist Pencils

I have been using Makeup Forever since 1997. They have always been one of my favorite makeup companies to use for many years. They always think about the professional makeup artist and what their needs are. Their greatest asset is the owner of the company Danny Sanz. She's is an actual makeup artist so she understands the needs of the makeup community.

Makeup Forever launched their new line of Artist Pencils. These pencils are you unique because they are very creamy and bendable. you can smudge them out in a variety of ways. Use them as a blusher, lip liner, eye liner or even an eyeshadow. You can now be your own artists with a variety of colors to choose from.

I purchased two of the nude pencils to try out for myself. They are really great to work with very bendable and are great colors to add highlights to the face or to line the lips for a soft definition to a lip line.

I also picked up the variety of mini loose powders that Makeup Forever sells. They have great loose powders. They set the makeup really nicely and prevent it from moving. Because Makeup Forever makes 40 different shades of foundation, its great they have a variety of loose powders in different colors to coordinate with the foundations.

I personally use the Makeup Forever powders more if I'm doing stage makeup with heavy foundation and need to "bake" the variety of colors on the face such as highlighting or contouring. Its great to have many different shades of loose powder so that you can keep the definition of the face without it all blending together and ruining all the major contour work. These powder's do have more of a matte finish so its not a great powder if you're looking for a glowy or shimmery skin effect.

Check out Makeup Forevers new Artist Pencils for yourself. You might be inspired to become the next Picasso of makeup!

Makeup Forever Loose powders and Artist Pencils