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Are you feeling blue?

Chanel has launched their Cruise collection for 2018/2019 and blue was the star of the show.

Blue was shown to be the main color that ran through out the entire collection. But where blue really stood out was on the eyes. Chanels new fall pallet Quiet Revolution features 2 new blue shades, a grey, and possibly a taupe shade from what I can tell from pictures. And it looks like Chanel will also have new eyeshadow pencils. These pencils look fatter and more creamy than a classic kohl liner.

The new graphic eye for this collection gave the eyes a groomed smokey eye. It was all about a punch of color across the eye and keeping the rest of the makeup fresh and light.

I look forward to these new colors and products that are due out in August. Check out the pictures and videos for a behind the scenes look.

Chanel Quiet Revolution

Chanel Cruise 2018-19

Chanel Cruise 2018-19