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Chanel Summer color

Summer is coming and Chanel has us prepared with their new eye shadow pallet from Les Beiges called Palette Regard Belle Mine Naturelle in Deep and in LIght.

The Les Beiges eyeshadow pallet now comes in 3 different intensities. Light, Medium, and Deep. The Deep formula gives a soft sheer wash of color. Warm dreamy browns and pops of glittering gold highlight your eyes and skin. This is a great collection if your looking to keep your makeup more natural for summer. But also need some glitz and glam at night. The Light pallet accentuates your eyes with pinks and light purples. Its perfect for a light glow.

Because the formula is more sheer its an extremely easy pallet to blend and shape your eyes. Perfect for the makeup novice, or anyone who is not great at blending.

Grab yours soon before they sell out!

Chanel Les Beiges eyeshadow pallet in Deep

Les Beiges in Light