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Warm, golden, and glowing is the look for fall/winter from Chanel this year.

Even though we are trying to forget winter and focus on spring. The fashion world is in full steam ahead right into fall/winter for 2018/2019.

Chanel this season, is showing warm browns and glittering golds for eyes and face. Finishing it off with soft pink lips. The new eye shadow collection expands their Les Beige collection.

If you have not had a chance to try out one of Chanels Les Beige pressed powders your missing out. They are my personal favorite powders to work with. I can't do makeup without them. They contain aloe in the formula so you never get a heavy cakey powdered look to your skin.

They leave your skin with a beautiful finish with a soft matte glow.

They have two different Les Beige formulas. The Healthy Glow Luminous Powder has small ridges in the pressed powder. This formula has a bit more shimmer and glow. I personally use this powder on areas of the face where you want more light to bounce around. It's a great powder because it will highlight the skin in a subtle way without looking like your trying too hard.

The other Les Beige formula is The Healthy Glow Sheer Powder. This powder gives the skin a matte finish with a glow. The glow on this formula is a more perfected skin, without any shimmer or shine. It's a must have to carry in your handbag to touch up through out the day with out a heavy build up.

You can see from the fall/winter photo that Chanel will be releasing two new Les Beige powders with ombre tones. These will be great to warm up the skin without making the face look too washed out.

Chanel also launched the Les Beige eye shadow pallet called Pallette Regard Belle Mine Naturelle. I believe they launched this last spring/summer. It's and excellent eye shadow pallet that contains classic nude and natural shades. The formula for these eye shadows is more sheer and natural. And they blend effortlessly together. Im excited to try out the new one for fall as pictured in the fall/winter color collection. This new pallet looks great as it has more glitter and shimmer. It's a great expansion on from the Pallette Regard Belle Mine Naturelle.

It will be exciting to see if they have a new blush for this collection and the other lip colors as well. Take a moment to check out the fall/winter fashion show. And find your favorites from the show and reserve your pieces you need as soon as you can. Because at Chanel if you snooze, you loose!

Chanel fall/winter makeup 2018/2019

Chanel makeup fall/winter 2018/2019

Chanel fall/winter makeup 2018/2019