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My love of the Vidal Sassoon method

Before I became a full time makeup artist I was a hairdresser working behind the chair as well as teaching hair cutting classes for the assistants in the salon.

I knew from the beginning of going to cosmetology school, that I wanted to attend classes at Vidal Sassoon. Vidal Sassoon in the beauty world is considered the Harvard of hairdressing. Sassoon himself created timeless haircuts and revolutionized the way we approach haircutting today.

Every major hair company in business today Uses various techniques from Vidal Sassoon. Many great hairdressers have taken the Sassoon method and changed it up to make it more simple or use elements of the Sassoon way to inspire new approaches to cutting hair.

I had the pleasure to attend 2 Vidal Sassoon courses in 1992. I took the Classic course and the Advanced course back to back. Two weeks of intensive training that has changed my life forever.

The Sassoon method teaches hairdressers to approach hair in a very methodical way. Clean partings, proper tension, assessing the head shape, watching for growth patterns in the hair and precision cutting.

These guide lines are what creates the "wash and wear" lifestyle of a great Sassoon hair cut.

There are 9 Classic ways to cut hair. And from these 9, are the variations you see today. Even though I do not cut hair on a regular basis. I still stay up to date with many haircut collections from Vidal Sassoon.

I have a vast DVD library of haircut collections from the Vamp collection in 2006 to Kidhood 2016, including the ABC'S of cutting men's and women's hair. These collection of DVDs keep me inspired and up to date with the current trends in hair cutting.

Two new fall 2017 collections from Vidal Sassoon are very inspiring, JeJune and Mondaine.

JeJune is Sassoons Academy collection. The academy collections are more progressive or slightly Avant Garde. You can think of these collections as the Haute Couture of hair. The academy collections are most forward thinking of the current hair trends. You'll see more unique cutting techniques as well as more progressive coloring options. These collections are alway my favorite.

The Mondaine collection is Sassoons Salon collection. Think of these collections as ready to wear. They take everyday haircuts you see in the salon. And give them an updated modern approach. These haircuts are very commercial and can work on a variety of clients.

Check out the videos below to see whats current in haircutting and coloring for fall 2017.