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February is your month to find your Perfect Match

The Boosters from Intraceuticals is a great way to target specific skin needs.

Choose from 4 different Boosters to stimulate collagen, correct sun damage, stimulate skin cell renewal, and revive tired skin.

The best way to experience these amazing results, is with an Intraceuticals Booster infusion treatment. This will infuse these special ingredients deep into the skin. Allowing them to work from the inside.

Then choose a daily Booster serum to use at home to maintain your infusion treatment. Feel free to mix any Booster serum with the Rejuvenate or Opulence daily serum to enhance the benefits. Or use two different Booster serums, one in the morning and one in the evening. To further customize your skincare regimen.

Contact Escova Salon to make an appointment for a Intraceuticals Booster Infusion Treatment 248-647-1111. And check out my online store to purchase any Booster serum featured in todays blog.

Intraceuticals Booster serums