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Suffering from acne or congested skin? Let Clarity from Intraceuticals fix your problems.

dTeens, tweens, and adults all suffer from acne or congested skin at some point in their life. Clarity from Intraceuticals is the perfect answer to fight back.

The Clarity Infusion Treatments as well as the home care products help clear skin blockages from oil, abnormal cell turnover, and acne causing bacteria. Clarity uses ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Ginger Root Extract, and Vitamin C to help smooth the skins surface to increase product absorption, calm redness and irritation, as well as brightens and softens the skins appearance.

The key to having very successful management of acne or congested skin is the Clarity Infusion Treatments. It's highly recommended to purchase a Clarity 6 week course kit. The great thing about the infusion treatments is that by using hyperbaric oxygen to deliver the special serums to the skin, the oxygen works as a natural bactericide. Clients often see a 40-50% reduction in current breakouts the next day! It greatly reduces the redness and irritation to the skin after one application. And as always, this treatment uses low weight hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin. So you'll never end up with dry flaking irritated skin from any Intraceuticals treatments. Your skin will look healthier and begin to have that natural glow back.

Just 3 products twice a day will help keep your skin looking its best. The gel cleanser, the treatment gel, and the Clarity wand. I would also recommend adding a couple Boosters such as Antioxidant, Vitamin C, or Vitamin A to further enhance your results.

Book an appointment at Escova Salon for a Clarity Infusion Treatment. Purchase the Clarity 6 week course kit, and have the treatments done twice a week for 3 weeks to get faster, more rapid results in less time. Also check out my online store to purchase any of the Clarity products. Start hydrating your skin and reducing redness, instead of striping it senseless.

Clarity 6 week course kit

Clarity Infusion Treatment

The Clarity range