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DOME Monofibre hair extensions

It was 1989. I was in high school and quite the "punk rocker" back in the day. I started night clubbing at 16 and seeing lots of people in the clubs with all kinds of hair colors, lengths and gravity defying heights of hair. Some so tall they would have to duct down to get into the door of the night club. I of course had hair that stood straight up in a mohawk like style with very long bangs in front that hung way past my chin. The top of my hair was blue black, and the sides were shaved very short and ended up either white blonde or a bright crimson red. I wanted to add colors to my hair like blue, read, purple, orange, etc. But wasn't foolish enough to constantly bleach my hair out white to dye them in all those bright crazy colors. Besides those colors fade and I never liked how they faded out. So I figured id just wait until I found the right answer.

I ran into my friend Jennifer at the mall one day and when I had last seen her, her hair was cropped very short all over. But when I ran into her at the mall, her hair was a different color as well as long past her shoulders! I asked her how she did that and she told me about her hair stylists Johnnie and Linda who put extensions in here hair and it only took like 5 hours to do. Well, I knew I had to go see them to see what they could do with my hair.

synthetic. It's not natural hair. So that means I could put blue, green, purple or any range of colors into my hair with absolutely no damage. Not only that, but I could dye my hair blue black right over brightly colored extensions and they wouldn't turn black because its synthetic and non porous. Thats when I was introduced to DOME Monofibre hair extensions. I had them put red, blue, purple and black in my already long bangs. And it look amazing! I was hooked from that point on. Monofibre opened up a world of hair possibilities for me. My hair could be any length, color or texture I could imagine. The beauty of Monofibre hair extensions is that the hair is

Dome Monofibre hair extensions are applied using a 4 stem braid thats braided into your natural hair. A special hot iron called the C2 clamps down on the braid and the Monofibre is melted to itself creating something the looks like the tip of a shoe lace. Small, smooth individual attachments at the root of your hair. Invisible to the naked eye and very comfortable to wear because there is no tension at the scalp. No glues or bonding solutions are needed for this service. Because of that, there is no damage to your natural hair. Don't want the extensions in any more? Just break the heat seals and slide the extension out. The removal is just that simple.

Dome Monofibre extensions are a 1/3 less heavy that natural hair extensions. They are very easy to care for and will last up to 3 months. Some clients will experience some shedding or a random few that may slide out. Its very easy to touch up the service. And recommended that you go in for fills every 5 to 6 weeks to keep it looking fresh at all times. The only thing you can't do with Monofibre extensions is to use a curling iron on them. In order to curl the fibre you need to use hot rollers or hot sticks to place a curl in them. Once the curl is in, it stays there until you straighten it out with a warm blow dryer or use the special flat iron from DOME that uses a low temperature to smooth the extensions out back to a straight look.

I was 17, still in high school. And Linda and Johnnie were nice enough to take me under their wing and teach me the DOME Monofibre method. So for 30 years I have worked with Monofibre extensions on friends and clients. It's training that has been invaluable. And allowed my imagination to run wild with ideas.

In 1990 while still in beauty school, I flew out to Atlanta, GA and took the 3 day foundation course from DOME Monofibre. I was lucky enough to be trained by Tina Meredith from Antenna Salon in London. She worked very closely with Simon Forbes who is the creator of Monofibre extensions. Tina also worked on many celebrities that wore Monofibre extensions back in the 80s and 90s. Boy George, Marilyn, Madonna, and Cher are just a few names that were clients of Antenna Salon in London. Betsy Johnson the fashion designer to this day still wears Monofibre extensions.

Monofibre is still being used all over the world. Though probably not as popular here in the US as it is in England. DOME Monofibre extensions will always be my favorite type of hair extensions to use and wear. No other hair extensions can come close to the beauty of Monofibre. And it's the only hair extensions I would use on my clients today.

The C2 the tool that creates the perfect heat seal

My tools and products used to perform the Monofibre service

Classic layered look with Dome Monofibre extenstions