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"Is the Star T-Shock the Secret to Celebrity-Level Skin?"

Celebrities like Paris Hilton understand the importance of maintaining great skin with advanced technology and great skincare. The Star T-Shock uses thermal shock to stimulate collagen and elastin to bring back a more youthful appearance.

This treatment is painless with no downtime. Allowing you to have the treatment done right before a big event and not have to worry anyone knows you had a treatment done to your skin. Friends and family will notice a change in your skin, but not know what you have done to achieve a more firmer youthful appearance.

The Star T-Shock can be used anywhere on the body to tighten and plump up the skin. This treatment is a client favorite to tighten and rejuvenate a sagging neck and jowl area. The neck area is the most neglected area on the body and needs the most attention to lift and tighten it back up.

Book your appointment today at Bianchis Salon to begin your skin rejuvenating journey.


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