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Fall is in the air, and its all about black and white

Just picked up the new fall colors from Chanel this season. Black and white is the theme for Chanel. Two new eyeshadow quads and Two new eyeshadow "toppers" to enhance any eyeshadow you choose.

Because it's still summer time, I haven't had a chance a lot of the new fall colors on customers. Though the new colors are beautiful! The one quad called Modern Glamour is the black and white pallet. Four beautiful colors to accentuate your eyes for fall. The colors are very versatile and easy to blend. Its a great classic pallet to create smokey looks or just and easy day look. The second quad is called Noir Supreme. These four colors are more jewel tone and highly pigmented. I would say this pallet is for someone that wants a more edgy look for fall because of the deeper colors and it contains a rich red tone shadow. I know that red eyeshadows can be intimidating to people who don't wear a lot of untraditional colors. But red eyeshadow is one of my favorite colors to use on clients, especially anyone with hazel eyes. It makes their eye color look electric and almost artificial!

The other two eyeshadows I purchased are the eyeshadow "toppers" called Penombre and Carte Blanche. These two single eyeshadows are more sheer in payoff and can be used by themselves for a sheer wash of shimmer, or applied on top of any of your favorite eyeshadows. These two products are best applied with your fingers. You will get the biggest payoff from the glitter and sparkle using the warm of your finger for application. You can use a brush, but you will achieve a more sheer look.

I did not purchase any of the lip colors because of the fact I sell lip sticks and glosses at the salon I work at, and cannot sell Chanel lipsticks to my clients for touch ups. The colors for lips and nails are great as usual.

The other product I may purchase later is the Le Gel Paillete glittering body gel. I did not order this product mainly because I'm not sure if id use this on many of my clients and I want to see what the product looks like in person to see how it feel and responds on the skin. This might be a good thing to have on hand for the holiday months like November/December. Once this collection comes out to counter at the local Chanel beauty doors, i'll check it out and see if its something my clients would be interested in wearing.

Pop on over to and check out all the new fall colors yourself and see what things might tickle your fancy for this up coming season.

Chanel Fall/Winter colors 2019

Chanel Fall/Winter 2019 Black and White

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