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JMBEAUTY5.com is now proud to carry Blue Spirt Gel and Petro White Pomade

Petro White pomade and Blue Spirt gel From DOME are two great products that I have used since 1989. They are two companion products that were introduced to the hairdressing world from Antenna Salon in London. Antenna Salon is the birth place of Monofibre hair extensions. The stylists at Antenna Salon created these two products to work on natural hair as well as Monofibre extensions, giving the stylist and the client an effective way to style their hair. Blue Spirt Gel is a classic gel that can be used in wet or dry hair. It is a medium to firm holding gel. Great for wet sleek looks. Or put in wet hair and blow dry for soft volume and body. Petro White Pomade is a classic pomade that adds shi

Let RevitaBrow rescue your brows

Thin brows were all the rage in the 90s. Today everyone wants thicker fuller eyebrows. As we age our eyebrows can start to thin out, have gaps, and loose whole areas completely. Revitabrow is designed with a BioPeptide complex made up of peptides, biotin, lipids and green tea extract. This complex helps strengthen and soften eyebrows while defending against breakage. This complex encourages hair grow in slower functioning follicles. This product will not stimulate any follicle that isn't currently producing hair. Its main function is to condition and strengthen existing functioning follicles and enhancing them buy giving the follicle an array of vitamins to encourage healthier fuller hair gr

RevitaLash products are now sold at JMBEAUTY5.com!

Now you can purchase the legendary RevitaLash eye and brow conditioning serums right from JMBEAUTY5.com. RevitaLash uses a special BioPeptide Complex that helps encourage hair grow in slow growing hair follicles. These hair follicles tend to produce thinner hair densities. The peptide complex helps thicken the diameter of the hair and speed up the growth rate of sluggish hair follicles. Check out the 3 step hair volumizing system that contains 33% more BioPeptide Complex in the Volume Foam to help encourage hair growth and reduce hair breakage. Experience thicker fuller hair with minimal effort. Head on over to my online store and pick up all your RevitaLash products.

Boy, oh Boy...Chanel

Coming spring 2019, is the new Boy cosmetics line for men from Chanel. This mini collection contains 3 essential items. A light weight foundation with hyaluronic acid in 8 shades. A non glossy lip balm, and 4 waterproof eyebrow pencils to fill in sparse brows. Looking forward to checking these new items out from Chanel and possibly adding them to my kit.

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


387 S Old Woodward Birmingham, MI 48009

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