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An old idea, with a new twist

I recently picked up 2 of the new Eyeshadow khol liners from Chanel. I got #14 Contour Graphique and #4 Electric Brown. These new pencils have a wonderful payoff of color. They glide on to the skin without skipping. They can be blended out, or applied liberally to give maximum color. I find these to be a bit nicer than the cream eyeshadows from Chanel because its in a twist up stick. And you can use them as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow. It makes a great eyeshadow base to use alone or layer your favorite shadow on top of. They are fast and easy to use. The only down fall, is that there is no way to sharpen the pencil back to a similar point as it starts out like when new. They come in 7 differ

Let's head BACKSTAGE with Dior

I dont usually purchase or use makeup from Dior. But lately I have been keeping my eye on makeup artist Peter Phillips. He is currently the creative director for Dior cosmetics. I think the new Backstage line that he has helped create and launch gives Dior a more updated and modern look. Not to mention a very user friendly product. I purchased 2 items from the Backstage collection. I have the new Dior contour pallet and the contour brush. I have just recently received the contour brush and have not had a chance to use it yet. But the contour pallet I have used on a few clients. When I first received the contour pallet I was skeptical on wether or not I was going to keep it. The colors are ve

Ready to have your makeup look Haute Couture?

I really liked the fall makeup look for the fall/winter Haute Couture show from Chanel. It was almost a "wet" smokey eye with the use of charcoal dark shadows and a mix of metallic platinum shadows overplayed. Then topped off with a slash of metallic green eyeliner and a sprinkling of glitter to finishes the look. It gives a modern look to a classic smokey eye. And besides, who doesn't love a sprinkle of glitter on anything to brighten up a basic look? Check out Chanel.com to gather all the right tools to look Haute Couture yourself this fall. Or make an appointment here at Escova Salon and I can create the looks for you.

Fall 2018 makeup colors from Chanel have arrived!

I recently received the new Chanel fall 2018 makeup collection. I purchased only 2 of the products so far. I want to see the other quad called Clair-Obscur in person to see if it's a must have. I already have some great natural/neutral pallets from Chanel currently. I purchased the new eyeshadow quad Quiet Revolution and blush in the color of Quintessence. Matte is the new black for fall. Both the eyeshadow quad and the blusher are all matte formulas. Even the new Chanel compacts are in a unique matte black finish. These shades are beautiful. Im looking forward to using these new products on my clients. Its hard right now to think about deeper matte colors for your eyes with how warm the wea

Chanel Haute Couture fall/winter 2018-19

Cant believe its the beginning of July and the fashion world is already figuring out what we will want to wear for winter. And as usual Chanel never under delivers. The look for the Haute Couture show for fall/winter 2018/19 was magnificent. A high slit has never looked so good! Greys, slivers, warm browns, flashes of pink, and soft green were some of the colors that dominated the runway. The jackets and skirts were impeccably made with small zippers added to allow you to expose as much or as little skin as you'd like. I really liked the long skirts with the mini skirts underneath so that you got a peek-a-boo effect of the mini skirt allowing you to fully unzip the longer skirt for maximum i

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


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