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Intraceuticals Beauty In A Box

This summer check out the new promotion from Intraceuticals, Beauty In A Box. Two promotions to keep your skin glowing all summer long. Choose from the deluxe 3 step essential layering kit that includes steps 1, 2, & 3. Plus a deluxe size eye gel and 6 eye masks. Or go for maximum hydration and choose the 6 week Rejuvenate course kit with a full size eye gel and 6 eye masks. This kit is the best way to experience the full benefits of what Intraceuticals can do for your skin. Call Escova Salon and grab one of the Beauty In A Box promotions before they are gone! 248-647-1111 Don't for get to join Flok. Get 6 punches when you purchase a 6 week course kit and receive your Atoxelene infusion trea

Adding more greatness to my Lashify kit...

I recently added more lash lengths from Lashify and a few other tools to help dry the lashes quicker and comb through them. These lashes give such a seamless look to your natural lashes. Because you bond the Lashify lashes from underneath you're existing lashes. They give you a lash extension look without all the time and cost. Im looking forward to receiving the new longer lasting glue and the Melt Away lash remover. They are due out in July. Call Escova Salon and get Lashified! 248-657-1111

Lashify is here!

I have been a makeup artist for several years. And one thing that always makes makeup look its best is eye lashes! For years I've used several different kinds of strip lashes. The problem with strip lashes is that they are something you have to manipulate to get the best results. You have to size them to the clients eye by cutting them, bending the lash band so it wraps to the clients eye, and making sure you use enough glue so they don't pop off on either end of the strip. Ive never found a strip lash that I thought looked natural and were easy to apply. So several years ago I stopped using strip lashes unless a client wanted them. I found that using the lash trios from Kiss lash was the pe

Celebrity makeup artists love Intraceuticals

Morag Ross is a celebrity makeup artist. She recently posted on her Instagram that she is using the Intraceuticals infusion treatment to get the ladies from the new Oceans 8 movie, ready for the red carpet. She knows that this treatment will give these woman instant results and glowing skin to make them all look their very best. When Morag Ross doesn't have time to treat her clients to the infusion treatment, she uses the Intraceuticals 3 step layering products to revive, replenish, and protect her clients skin so their makeup looks flawless. Come into Escova Salon and see why so many celebrities and celebrity makeup artists use Intraceuticals. Book an appointment for a treatment today. 248-

Bright pops of colored eyes from Chanel

Chanel has recently released a new collection of eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows, and kohl pencils. The new colors are so beautiful that I had to get the 2 new quads immediately! Beautiful bright metallic colors and can be layered on top of each other, or over top one of the new kohl liners or cream eyeshadows. These new quads are fun, because they are a bit unusual for Chanel. These pallets bring out the artist inside you. If you currently have a favorite quad you use from Chanel, or have a favorite eyeshadow you always use daily, one of these new quads can be and instant update to your current makeup routine. Green, bright bronze, Burgundy, peach and a dash of black help create a unique twist

Tired of spending $300-$400 a jar for a moisturizer?

Buying a skincare system today can cost $100's or even $1000's to invest in. Then you need to give the products 3 months or more to see the desired results you're looking for. Why not take that monthly investment and purchase a 6 week Intraceuticals course kit? After one infusion treatment you will not only see, but feel an instant difference in your skin. The Intraceuticals 6 week course kit contains everything you need to achieve healthy skin. It contains all 6 treatments that are professionally infused into your skin once a week using oxygen under pressure. The kit also contains a cleanser, the Daily Serum, the Hydration Gel, and the Moisture Binding Cream. The 3 step layering system is a

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


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