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A clean makeup brush is a happy brush

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is Soooo important! As a professional makeup artist it is always important for me to keep my brushes clean. You at home should clean your brushes with a good brush cleaner at least once a week for any brushes you use for any powder products such as eyeshadows, blush, and powder. Any brushes you use for concealer, foundation, cream blush or shadows should be cleaned daily. You wouldn't run around with not washing your hair for months on end. So don't treat your makeup brushes like that either. Besides who wants to rub bacteria all over their faces from using dirty brushes? A great brush cleaner I like is the Dior brush cleaner. I personally like this because

Kim Kardashian knows how to glow

Everyone keeps their eye on what Kim Kardashian does to look flawless all the time. Her best kept secret is the Intraceuticals Infusion treatment. This treatment works instantly to lift, tighten and hydrate the skin. Having this treatment done on a regular basis will prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated. Dehydration is the main cause of skin looking older, more wrinkled and lacking in over all glow. You can choose anyway to use the Intraceuticals infusion treatments. Have a treatment done once a week, twice a month, once a month, or from time to time. That's the beauty of this treatment. It can be customized for your needs. As I always say, the Intraceuticals 6 week course kit is your

A warm glow for summer

There are a million highlighters out on the market. But only a few really produce a nice glow without making your skin look aged, enhancing large pores, and reflecting so much light you cause a car crash. I recently picked up the Warm Gold highlighter from Chanel. Its the perfect highlighter for tan or deeper tone skin. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin, without making you look like you're trying too hard. I also have the Rose Gold limited edition Le Signe Du Lion highlighter and really like that one as well. It gives a beautiful illumination to your skin. And is great for lighter skin tones. That bit of pink looks more natural on the skin compared to a white toned highlighter. So if you

Dark circles be gone!

Finding a good concealer and can be a long pursuit. But YSL cosmetics has made it easier. I picked up a few shades of the new YSL All Hours concealer to try out. And it's really a great concealer! It gives great coverage and blends effortlessly into the skin or foundation you're using with it. I was using Chanel's Long Wear concealer, which is a good concealer, but can leave more of a powder finish under the eyes. The YSL concealers are smoother and have a more skin like finish. The YSL concealer also seems to cover dark circles better. If you're looking for a new concealer, id suggest trying out the new YSL All Hours concealer. I think you'd really like it. And to help minimize puffiness an

Sheer is the key word in makeup for this summer. And Chanel has you covered.

Chanel recently launched their new Tinted Moisturizers. These foundations have Hyaluronic Acid to help plump the skin up and give you a luminous glow. They also have an SPF of 30 to protect your skin from sun damage. I recently purchased 3 shades to try out on my clients and I have to say, they are fabulous. They give a beautiful glow to the skin while giving you a nice skin tone balance. They even out your skin, yet let your freckles still show through. This is not a foundation that gives you traditional coverage. It's really about giving you a more balanced glow. If you need a bit more coverage I would suggest using a concealer or a bit of the Chanel CC cream in areas to balance the skin o

Become your own artist with Makeup Forever's Artist Pencils

I have been using Makeup Forever since 1997. They have always been one of my favorite makeup companies to use for many years. They always think about the professional makeup artist and what their needs are. Their greatest asset is the owner of the company Danny Sanz. She's is an actual makeup artist so she understands the needs of the makeup community. Makeup Forever launched their new line of Artist Pencils. These pencils are you unique because they are very creamy and bendable. you can smudge them out in a variety of ways. Use them as a blusher, lip liner, eye liner or even an eyeshadow. You can now be your own artists with a variety of colors to choose from. I purchased two of the nude pe

Keeping up with Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld never rests. He's always inventing or designing something new either for his own fashion line, or for Chanel or Fendi. This summer Karl Lagerfeld has released a small makeup collection available at Nordstroms. Normally I don't pay much attention to novelty makeup, but I always enjoy what Karl Lagerfeld does. This collection is just basic and fun. The thing I like most is the packaging. Its very silly because it's actually Karls head on top of the glosses, lip balms and brushes. I picked up his lip balm and one of his lipglosses in Pink Diamonds. They are both nice, but nothing you'd need to run out to buy. It's really just fun to own for the packaging. These two products don't

Chanel Cruise 2018/19

As summer is just beginning for most of us. Chanel is already launching what we will want and need for Cruise next year. Fashion always works 6 months ahead. Its hard to get excited for warm winter clothes in the spring/summer months. But there is no rest for the wicked. The Chanel Cruise had a slight nautical theme to it this year. Fun accessories that resemble life preservers. A beret that goes with everything. And plastic over lays on top of dresses or mixed into the dress. As usual Chanel always keeps us excited to see more. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show, And some of the videos from the show.

Are you feeling blue?

Chanel has launched their Cruise collection for 2018/2019 and blue was the star of the show. Blue was shown to be the main color that ran through out the entire collection. But where blue really stood out was on the eyes. Chanels new fall pallet Quiet Revolution features 2 new blue shades, a grey, and possibly a taupe shade from what I can tell from pictures. And it looks like Chanel will also have new eyeshadow pencils. These pencils look fatter and more creamy than a classic kohl liner. The new graphic eye for this collection gave the eyes a groomed smokey eye. It was all about a punch of color across the eye and keeping the rest of the makeup fresh and light. I look forward to these new c

Red, black, bronze, ivory...oh my!

I just picked up the new Eclat Enigmatique eye shadow quad from Chanel. Its part of their new Cruise collection for May. This is a beautiful pallet. I was very excited to pick this pallet up because of the new red shade. I personally find red eyeshadow to be so fresh and modern. And its a color that looks great on everyone depending on how you personalize for yourself. It contains a red, black, bronze and ivory shades. And the colors have a more sheer payoff perfect for summer in the warmer weather. Its a very versatile pallet that you can create your own unique looks without having to put much effort into blending. The Cruise collection contains other great pieces as well. I personally only

Are you on the A-List?

The Intraceuticals infusion treatment was seen behind the scenes at the Met Gala 2018. Madonna as usual is shown getting the treatment done before heading out for the festive evening. This treatment is great for any age skin. Men and women both can greatly benefit from this treatment. Its quick painless and gives instant results. Book your appointment today at Escova Salon and join the A-List club. 248-647-1111

New Chanel Les Beiges Multi-Color poweder

Chanel finally released it's new Les Beiges Multi-Colored powders. These powders are just as great as the other Les Beige powders. But these have multi-tones to give you a warm blush of color anywhere on the face or body. They come in 3 shads Light, Medium, and Deep. I purchased Medium and Deep because these tones work better on my clientele. These are a great powder for summer to give you a sheer bronze glow. Or to simply to balance your skin tone. Summer is the time for minimal makeup and quick items to have in your handbag to take you from the beach right into a dinner date. Check these powders out before they are gone.

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


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